To implement enterprise's operation diversity, comply with changeable international market's demanding
and fulfill our determination of sustainable operation, we have established the LANNET Technology Co., Ltd.
in Oct. 2007. 

The main purposes of building LANNET are the marketing sale of wireless product and positively involve us
into the R&D of wireless remote control technologies and related products. 
LANNET is an affiliated company of LANTAC with independent operating entity; yet, 
LANNET has inherited the “Quality First” and “Service in Priority” sustainable operation style unchanged.

We anticipate that in the near future, both “LANTAC” and “LANNET” can keep pace with each other in the
international market and earn global glory together. 


2010 Wisdom indicator had mass production and had passed the two patent application,
  Patent No.M382249 and M386223.
2014 Warning Light(LTC-002) had mass production on the market formally in July.
2015 We join the R&D and marketing a series of products together with affiliate enterprises
  including light switch controller(LTC-004), disaster prevention plug/socket(LTC-005/006),
  TPMS(LTC-007/008) and HUD(LTC-009/010).
2016 R&D the Dimmer(25-A019-x) in January.

** The concept of operator:  operating business is a dream, also a responsibility.**


公司為實行企業多元化及因應國際市場之多變,以貫徹永續經營之決心,在2007年10月新成立呈瑞科技有限公司 LANNET Technology Co. , Ltd.

LANNET 之設立其主要服務項目為無線產品之行銷業務及積極投入無線遙控及其相關產品之研發而籌組設立,
屬於 LANTAC 之關係企業,且為獨立之經營個體,然其經營理念則仍延承 LANTAC 之一貫宗旨,"品質第一",
"客戶為先" 之永續經營模式。

期盼在不久的將來 "LANTAC" 和 "LANNET" 能夠並駕齊驅在國際舞台上,締造佳績,展露光芒,爭得一席之地。


2010 智慧型方向燈開始量產,警示燈裝置並獲得兩項新型專利,專利證號 M382249 及M386223.
2014 於7月正式量產上市警示燈(LTC-002).
2015 與關係企業聯合研發行銷一系列產品,包含智慧型光控插頭(LTC-004)、防災插頭/插座(LTC-005/006)、
2016 於1月研發調光器(25-A019-x)產品.

** 經營者的理念:經營事業是一份理想,也是一份責任** 

LANNET Technology

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