LTC -001 Wisdom Indicator 智慧型無線方向燈



Patent Number : M386223 /方向燈專利編號 : M386223

LTC-001 is the wisdom indicator with wireless control. It's a special design to use in bike.
The indicator is easily to take apart and assemble.
The controller is smoothly to control the direction.
In order to save the power, it can recognize the day and night to adjust the light.
Beside it also have low battery display, and there is lithium battery, it can recharge the power, to conform the environmental protection.
In addition, the indictors have automatic sensor of the brake lights, and also have the function of alarm to close the biker and the bike for demand.


專為自行車設計,此智慧型方向燈 LTC-001 為無線控制,拆裝容易免配線,方向控制輕滑順手,能針對白天夜晚自動調節亮度,並採用智能省電功能 ,




1. Wireless control & not interference : To adopt the wireless transmission to control the direction with independence ID design.
Do not worry about to interference each other.
2. The controller is smoothly to control the direction: The controller adopt ergonomics design, it could slide smoothly.
3. The brake device of automatic sensor: Micro-machine brake of automatic sensor to adds the safety.
4. The intimate device of alarm function: Set the alarm advice to close the biker and the bike for demand.
5. Intelligent saving electric with adjust the brightness automatically: Auto saving electric function, which the brightness will  depend on the light to adjust.
6. Remind advice of weakness electric foresee: The device will remind user to charge while the power insufficient.
7. Long efficiency & saving electric: The wisdom indicator could use seven to ten days (two hours with a day) or longer.
8. To use USB charge more environmental protection: Adopt the rechargeable Lithium battery and to charge by USB rechargeable cable.
It is safe and stable.
9. Easy to assemble and apart without cable: Let the indicator and controller easily to assemble and apart without cable.
10. The indicator prevent to splash water.




1.無線控制 不受干擾: 採用無線傳輸控制方向,獨立ID編碼設計,不必擔心相互干擾。

2.方向指示 輕滑順手: 採人體工學設計,讓您輕滑順手,一按隨行。

3.自動感知煞車系統: 微電腦煞車感知器自動煞車感應,增加安全性。

4.警報功能 貼心裝置: 可設置警報裝置,貼近您與愛車的需求。

5.智能省電 亮度自動調整: 全自動多重省電功能,亮度隨光線而變化。

6.弱電預知提示功能: 當電力不足時,將提醒您充電。

7.長效能使用超省電: 正常使用可用7-10天(每天2小時),甚至更久。

8.USB充電更環保: 採可充電式鋰電池,並藉由USB充電線充電,安全又穩定。

9.拆裝容易 免配線: 讓您的方向燈及控制器好裝好拆,完全免配線。

10.防潑水等級: 下雨也可安心使用。




Support / 產品保固

We provide for the brand-new product and the guarantee as below:
Warranty period: Product: 1 year limited.
Warranty conditions: The product breakdown (non-human factor creates harm this product)



保固期限:全機保固一年 /  保固範圍:產品故障(非人為因素造成本產品之損害)


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