LTC -002 New Generation Of Warning Light 充電式警示燈



Function / 功能

  1. 1.Definition of multi-stage button
  2. a. POWER OFF: Press button 2 second long, then power on ; POWER ON : Press button 2 second long, then power off
    b. The below three functions will continue circulating transformation from Function I to Function III for press button quick and short
  • Function I: Press button quick and short, the LEDs are flash strong.
  • Function II: Press button quick and short again, the LEDs are flash back and  forth about scanning.
  • Function III: Press button quick and short again, the LEDs are flash with block of LEDs. 
    *Explanation (Function III): Middle block of three LEDs are flash 3 times, and then left and right block are flash each 3 times alternately.
  1. 2.USB Charge

While device is charging, Left LED is lighting continually. 
While device reach full charging, Left LED is turn off. (Power over 90%)
After full charge, the device is suggested to continually charge around 1~2hours to reach 100% power.
*For first time, we suggest to charge product over 8 hours.

  1. Low voltage: The right LED is flashing individually.
  2. 3.Battery

Voltage: 3.7V Capacity: 2200mAh (Li-ion Battery)

  1. 4.Stand by time: 6 months.
  2. 5.Using time: 90 hours.
  3. 6.Visual distance of flashing:

7.Under sunshine: >150M (The reference value, a restricted test environment) ; Dark area: >500M

  1. 8.Low-wind resistance design of plastic cover
  2. 9.Color of LED: Red
  3. 10.Reset button:

While the device cannot booting, please using the hard stick stretch into the back of the device to press the reset button then the device will reboot again.


  1. 1.多段式按鍵定義

a)電源關閉狀態下, 若按鍵長按兩秒則電源開啟

 電源開啟狀態下, 若按鍵兩秒則電源關閉
b) 按鍵短按一下
(3)分段閃爍(中間3顆LED閃三下後, 接著左右3顆LED互換交替各閃三下, 如此循環閃爍)

電壓:3.7V 電池容量:2200mAh (Li-ion Battery)
光亮處(陽光照射下): >150m(參考值, 受限測試環境) 黑暗處 : >500m

10. Reset button: 當機時, 請使用可伸進device背面Reset小孔之硬棒輕按Reset button即可重新開機


Application / 應用範圍

1.Vehicle failure / 汽車故障警示燈

2.Climbers lighting for SOS / 登山求救用

3.Emergency Lighting / 緊急照明用





Support / 產品保固

We provide for the brand-new product and the guarantee as below:
Warranty period: Product: 1 year limited.
Warranty conditions: The product breakdown (non-human factor creates harm this product)



保固期限:全機保固一年 /  保固範圍:產品故障(非人為因素造成本產品之損害)


Branch office / 服務據點

Customer service center: Please contact with us.




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