LTC -010 HUD for Vehicle CAN BUS (Head-Up Display)  CAN BUS 抬頭顯示器



Function / 功能

  1. 1.Compatible with TOYOTA vehicles equipped with CAN BUS port.
    2.Plug and drive, DIY easily.
    3.The slim minimalist design, the thinnest is only 1 cm.
    4.Beep alarm warning, on & off setup available.
    5.System on/off automatically.
    6.Built-in speed control lock, P-speed unlocks and emergency brake unlock.
    7.The alarm pre-crash system. (Dual yellow lights of emergency brake)
    8.The alarm of R-speed and open door with dual yellow lights.
    9.The alarm for doors, the trunk is not closed and didn't put the hand (foot) brake.

1. 支援TOYOTA符合CAN BUS規範之車種
2. 隨插即用,DIY安裝容易
3. 超薄型設計,最薄處只有一公分
4. 行車超速警示音可獨立設定開或關
5. 系統自動開關機
6. 內建速控上鎖、P檔解鎖、急煞解鎖
7. 防追撞警示系統(急煞雙黃燈警示)
8. R檔、開門 雙黃燈警示


智慧型方向燈 智慧型方向燈


DM / 產品廣告



Installation / 安裝方式


LTC-010 Manual / LTC-010 使用手冊


Support / 產品保固

1.Made In Taiwan / 台灣製造

2.One year warranty / 一年保固


Branch office / 服務據點

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