LTC -005 Disaster Prevention Plug / 防災插頭



Function / 功能

  1. It have triple protection as follow to upgrade the safety.
  2. 1.Protection of overload: When the current over 15A, the red light will light and cut off power actively. You can press the Black button to use again after around 1~2 minutes.
  3. 2.Protection of short: If the overload is too much, high temperature leads the skin of wire melting, make the position and negative touch to lead sparks and fire. Before shorting, this device will cut off power to avoid the fire accident.
  4. 3.Protection of surge: It can absorb unusual voltage effectively, steady current and protect electric appliances to extend the useful life of appliances. (Including 3000V. to 6000V. attack from lightning.)


  1. EX: After the blackout, the instantaneous current from temporary power will not stable, resulting in damage to electric appliances. Before those condition happen, it will absorb unusual voltage actively to protect the electric appliances safety.


防災插頭具有以下三種提升安全保護功能 :


1. 過載保護:當超過15A時會亮起紅燈自動切斷電源﹐而約過1~2分鐘後按下黑色按鈕即可再次使用‧
2. 短路保護:負載過多,高溫導致電線皮熔化、使電線正負極互碰產生火花以及著火,在發生短路前本裝置會自動截斷電源,避免火災的發生‧
3. 突波器保護:可有效吸收異常電壓(能吸收閃電所產生3000~6000伏特的衝擊),穩定電流,保護電器,延長電器使用年限‧


Ex: 當停電後﹐臨時送電瞬間電流會不太穩定﹐因而導致電器損壞﹐當在這些情況發生之前﹐會自動吸收異電壓﹐保障電器安全。


智慧型方向燈 智慧型方向燈



Installation / 安裝方式

1.Plug into the wall outlet.

2.Then plug the outlet of electric appliance into it.


1. 把防災插頭插入牆壁電源插座中‧

2. 再將家電插頭插入防災插頭中即可使用


Specification / 產品規格

1.Input: AC 110V/ 60Hz / 輸入電源 : AC 110V/60Hz

2.Output: AC 110V/ 15A / 輸出電源 : AC 110V/15A

3.Material of housing: ABS 94V-0 / 材 質 : ABS防火級塑膠材質及電子零件為主


Application / 應用範圍

Factory, office, home, computer peripheral products, kitchen, electric rice cooker, microwave, oven and other appliances.



Support / 產品保固

1.Made In Taiwan / 台灣製造

2.One year warranty / 一年保固

3.Verification logon R35267 / 驗證登錄 R35267

4.Twenty million for product liability insurance / 兩千萬產品責任險



Branch office / 服務據點

Customer service center: Please contact with us.






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