LTC -008 TPMS inside type (Tire-Pressure Monitoring System)  無線胎壓偵測器-胎內式



Function / 功能

  1. This system is used for closely monitoring the tire pressure and temperature and then use the frequency identification technology (RFID) to send
    the data to the displayer.
    The displayer receives the data and deal with them,which will be displayed on the player.
    Regarding the alarm set by the users, this system can sound the alarm to remind the users to avoid traffic accident.
    This system can improve the comfort of the car, cut down the fuel use,prevent the car from wearing down and improve aerodynamics.
    Please read the introduction carefully before installing the system. Thank you!





智慧型方向燈 智慧型方向燈




Installation / 安裝方式


LTC-008 Manual / LTC-008 使用手冊


Support / 產品保固

1.Made In Taiwan / 台灣製造

2.One year warranty / 一年保固


Branch office / 服務據點

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